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Shoja Lak


Shoja Lak is a Finland based photojournalist. He lives in Turku, Finland and works globally. 

A newly opened photo studio is located in Turku. The mobile studio is available on customers' location of choice. In addition to studio and portfolio work, Shoja covers traditional photojournalism as well as travel and documentary photography.

He studied Advertising photography in Denmark. After several years working as a studio and fashion photographer he steered his career towards photojournalism.

Shoja graduated from The London School of Music & Media with A BA (Hons) in Photography & new media Journalism and has completed an MA in Photojournalism and documentary photography at the University of the Arts London. 

He works as a freelance photographer for both Finnish and English Newspapers, and international photography agencies. Shoja's images have appeared in news publications worldwide.

His archive (available here) contain both new stories and selection of stock images from his extensive library. All images are available for purchase for publication or art prints.

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